Local search engine optimization (or local SEO) is a process of website marketing that concentrates on increasing the visibility of your site or a web page in the organic or paid results of a search engine. Local search engine optimization is like global SEO in that it too is an intensive procedure affecting the rankings of a particular site or a web page in the unpaid results of a search engine called the “organic” or “free” results of a search engine. This type of marketing strategy will allow you to target specific geographical areas, i.e. places within your own city or metropolitan area, rather than just having your site appear on a global scale. This tactic has proven to be more effective and gives your business a better chance of being found.

One way to start optimizing your website for local SEO is by optimizing your keyword selection. Keywords play a large part in the relevancy of a page for a search engine. In most instances, the relevancy of your webpage or site for a particular keyword can be determined by performing research using both Google and Yahoo! queries with the actual search terms and see which of them are more often used by actual searchers. When you optimize your site for these keywords, you’ll need to take care to avoid common pitfalls such as using vague or misspelled keywords, misspelling words or intensifying words, and other common mistakes that can damage your ranking factors.


The next way of optimizing for local SEO is by making sure that your website is listed in the proper directories. Search engines take a particular interest in sites that are submitted to them via the correct directories. If you don’t submit your site to the correct directories, your site will not rank well. For example, if you were planning on optimizing for the term “motor parts”, you would want your site to show up in local business directories, eBay, Craig’s List, and local Yellow pages. This way, when a potential customer performs a search for “motor parts” using these popular search engines, they will be able to find your local business. By taking the time to perform these local SEO improvements to your website, you will see a noticeable difference in the number of visitors to your site.

There is another way of increasing the chances of visitors reaching your website, and that is through location-based searches. There are now a number of companies in the UK that monitor and analyze the location of web pages. The data they collect is used by these companies to determine the likely location of a site’s visitors. By analyzing this data, these companies are able to improve their local SEO strategy by highlighting more specific areas in the city where visitors to your site are likely to be searching. For example, if you owned a business selling pressure washing Charlotte, and your site shows up in the search volume of the phrase “window washing in Sheffield” several times per month, then you’re more likely to attract people from this area who are searching for window washing services.


A third local SEO technique that is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses is to use local citations. Citations are keywords that are entered into Google or other search engines to show higher search volume for certain terms. For example, there may be citations from local directories such as the Yorkshire Newspapers and the Daily Record, which reference your site. If you entered a number of different phrases into the search phrases provided by these sources, you would be able to identify more potential customers who are searching for similar products and services in your own town or city.


These techniques are only a few of the local SEO strategies that can be used to increase website traffic. When optimizing for larger search engines like Google, it is always important to remember that quality is better than quantity. Using quality articles, submitting them to quality directories, and using targeted keywords on your website are all ways of ensuring that more people find your site. However, many businesses do not think that local, new strategies will have a significant effect. However, if done correctly, they can result in far more traffic and ultimately, more sales.